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PERMANENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION.............. Welcome to the Database of Art Thomas ......This Site is Updated Frequently.... So, Please Come Back and Visit Again......Thank You ~Art .................... PERMANENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION
About Art's Families & Other Folk
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This website consists of individuals and families that are located within 
the Database of Art Thomas and they may NOT necessarily be related in any way. It is 
an accumulation of records and individuals researched by Art Thomas and cross several 
areas of interest. 

A special Thank You goes out to ALL who have assisted in the creation of this database. It 
certainly could not have been created and maintained without your help, love and support.

The purpose for placing the contents of this database on-line is to share 
the data/information collected from my research with others in my 'families' and the 
genealogical community who may have a connection to the individuals and families that are found 
in my genealogy, family and community areas of interest ..... Art Thomas. 

The areas of interest include: 
1) The Families of Arthur L. ancestral & descendant family lines 
for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Arthur L. Thomas. Note: The Art 
Thomas Family lines, connections & relationships are color coded.

2) Free Person of Color (FPOC) families and their descendants that settled primarily in the 
Miami Valley of Ohio, but includes other areas in Ohio,the Midwest and parts of Canada. Time 
period for these families is from pre-statehood for Ohio, which extends from the 1780's to 
1865. Ohio was admitted to the Union as a 'free State' in 1803.

3) UGRR operatives and their families in Ohio that were associated with ancestral 
family members of Art Thomas that have been documented by Wilbur H. Siebert and 
others as UGRR conductors/operators. The time period is from 1816 to the beginning of the Civil 
War in 1861.

4) The families and descendants of the 380+ former slaves held by John Randolph of 
Roanoke Plantation, Charlotte County, VA that settled in the Miami Valley of Ohio 
following their manumission in 1846. Time period is from 1846 to the present and the number of 
descendants is ever expanding. Those who were freed by the Will of John Randolph have an 
identifying number preceding their given name. These numbers equate to their freedom 
registration number filed in Charlotte County, VA at the time of their manumission in Apr-May 
of 1846.

5) Persons from other groupings such relatives of direct, collateral 
and extended familiy members, neighboring families, families of childhood friends, 
associates and possible 'new' family members, etc. through common surnames, locations 
and events found in the ancestral and descendant timelines for the families of Arthur L. 

My Ancestoral Surnames, Primary Locations and Time Periods are: 


DICKENS--NC,IN (1830- )
SELLERS - VA,NC,IN,OH (1800- )
THOMAS--VA,NC,IN,OH (1835- )

Research on my paternal lines begin to 'blur' prior to the 1870's due to 
that 'peculiar institution' known as Chattel Slavery. My paternal lines, before the 
end of slavery is centered around Edgecombe County, NC. However, recent discoveries 
through Family Reunions, Internet research, phone calls and just plain 'luck' 
collateral family connections and DNA testing since 2005 are being made. Slave Schedules, 
Estate Papers and Wills of former slave owners are also proving to be invaluable in 'scaling 
the walls of slavery'.

'Collateral families' to my paternal surnames that have been discovered are BAREFOOT, 
Edgecombe County, NC area.

My paternal family history becomes more easily documentable following Emancipation 
and the end of the Civil War, beginning with the 1870 and later Federal Census 
records for Edgecombe County, NC.

Research on the migration and development of these family and collateral lines from 
NC into Putnam County, IN (Greencastle) from the late 1880's and early 1890's and 
their subsequent family expansion(s) is an ongoing project. 


ADAMS--VA,KY,OH (1768- )
ALLEN--NC,VA,OH (1788- )
BRIDGES--KY,OH (1817- )
BROOKS--KY,OH (1825- )
EDWARDS--PA,OH (1790- )
LEE--VA,OH (1830- )
McKEE--CANADA,OH (1780- )
RENO--CANADA,OH (1780- ) 
SCOTT--NC,OH (1810- )
STEWART--NC,OH (1810- )
WALDEN--NC,OH (1810- )

My maternal lines also carry the "weight" of slavery, but that burden was over for 
most of these ancestral lines by the late 1700's and early 1800's. Although no longer 
in slavery they suffered mightly and overcame many of the slights endured by Free 
Persons of Color during the era of the Ohio Black Codes. 


These are the families of my children, grandchildren and their spouses. We've tried to include 
the grandparents, their siblings & other ancestors of our grandchildren and great-
grandchildren. Hopefully this will be of benefit to them as they research ALL of THEIR Family 
lines. The latest addition  ..... a 12th great-grandchild, Christian Elijah Thomas, our 6th 
great-grandson, born 16 March 2015. Christian's 'tree' spans 14 generations.

Descendant Surnames, Primary Locations and Time Periods are, but not limited to: 
EMBRY--AL, OH (1850- )
JARRETT--GA,OH (1850- )
MORGAN--SC, GA, OH *1850- )
MOSS--VA,OH (1795- )
PEAL--NC,IN,OH (1840- ) 
POTLOW---NC,OH,MI (1870- ) 
SANFORD--KY,OH (1835- ) 
STEPHENS--GA, OH (1864- ) 
THOMAS--KY,NC,IN,OH (1810- )

Information on living persons is NOT accessible for public viewing, except their 
name, which will only demonstrate their familial conections when known. 

Photo Albums:
1) Art Thomas Ancestors & Collateral Family Album - Seq by Name; ... Last, Given
2) Art Thomas Extended Family Album - Seq by Name; ... Last, Given
3) Art Thomas Family History Documents Album  - Seq by Year; ... Oldest - Most Recent
4) Art Thomas Family Military Reocrds Album - Seq by Year; ... Oldest - Most Recent
5) Art Thomas Miscellaneous Album (Family Events, Groups, etc. & Non-Family Events, Groups, 
   Seq by Year; ... Oldest - Most Recent
6) Art Thomas Family Vital Records Album - Birth, Marriage, Death & Obits (1780-   )
   Seq by Year; ... Oldest - Most Recent
7) Art Thomas Family Census Records Album - (1820-1940) Seq by Name within Census Year.

Family Stories: (found under the PEOPLE button are):

1. A 1920 account of the Adams Family History	        
2. A Dickens Tale - Art Thomas' N. Carolina Ancestry	
3. Adams & Reno - California Migration	
4. Adams Family & St. Paul A.M.E. Church History	
5. Art's Family in Newspapers Prior to 1920	
6. Court Cases - Families of Art Thomas	
7. Direct Ancestors of Art Thomas born prior to 1808	
8. DNA & Me	
9. From The Spoils Of War	
10. Grandma Reno's Story: Art Thomas' 4th Great-GranMa	
11. LaForce Documents & Research	
12. Martha Allen's 100th Birthday Party	
13. Military History - Art Thomas Family Who Served	
14. My Adams & Reno Ancestors - Early Ohio AA Settlers	
15. TimeLine - Ancestors & Descendants of Art Thomas	
16. UGRR - Art Thomas' Adams Family Involvement
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